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Branding is the art of creating a memorable and effective personality for an individual, institution, corporation, product or service. Through careful questioning and planning, I can help you bring your company's personality to the world using my toolbox filled with artistry, technical knowledge, and effective design.

What sort of impression does your current logo make on your clients? Is it giving off the right message? Or is it a tired, poorly executed name and font that does not really speak to who you are and what you do? Are you in the process of developing a start-up company and want to give the right impression from the start? Why not let me help with thoughtful planning and designing of your company's image or personal brand.

Michigan has a unique business environment that I am very familiar with. Let my experiance help guide you and your company to a better future. With my experiance in Logo Creation, Branding Development, Name & Name Development it will be like you have a whole high end grpahics design studio at your fingertips.

Michigan logo designer

Logo and Branding Portfolio:

Michigan Graphic Designer

Logo & Branding Project: Alturn Solutions - 2010

Thomas Shafer needed a new identity for his company Alturn Solutions. Alturn Solutions is a web development and consulting company that specialize in Ruby on Rails and high traffic public applications. The existing logo for Alturn was a bit dated and needed to be more modern with a Web 2.0 feel to it. I worked with Thomas to narrow down some choices and we ended up with this stylized version of 'AS' that will works great with the text or all by itself.

With this new look for their logo and all of the branding materials in hand we are now going to start working on other of their print materials and possibly a design for their website. I will keep you updated on the other projects as they come along.

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Logo & Branding Project: Race Hive - 2009

Jack Lynch, an avid runner and tri-athlete, created a web site to help racers and race organizers keep a central database of upcoming events. Jack and I worked on getting a fresh, unique logo that would stand out and be noticed on his web page and other media he planned on using.

After working on a few different iterations we decided to work with this logo. With movement in the word race and a web 2.0 looking hive made into the letter 'h' we felt that the design spoke to exactly what the site is for. It is simple enough to be repeatable over any media and memorable enough to work as a brand.

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Michigan branding

Logo & Branding Project: Eventize - 2009

Marco Raddatz and Tillmann Carlos Bielefeld came to me to work on the branding of Eventize.de which is a site to connect the nightlife scene in their hometown Kiel, Germany. Till says "It is about getting location owners to respond to the nightlife better."

I researched Kiel, Germany and found that a distinguishing feature of the town was a broadcast tower behind the town that gives the skyline a unique look. I used that tower as the main portion of their logo to replace the 'i' in eventize.

Visit Eventize.de
Michigan Logo creation

Logo & Branding Project: Benton Clay - 2009

Dave Lawson of Benton Clay is developing a line of premium men's gifts including men's shaving soap, shaving mugs, shaving brushes, beer mugs, and large coffee mugs - all handmade by local Canadian artisans. "Benton Clay" is a fictitious name which is supposed to sound like a distinguished, discerning gentleman; it also comes from an ingredient that is in both the pottery and the shaving soap: bentonite clay.

I worked with Dave to come up with this stylish fellow to adorn his products and website. It gives the feel of a high end product for discerning buyers.

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If you hadn't guessed before, I am the 'k' in kMist Design. My name is Kevin Mist. I currently reside in beautiful Northern Michigan. I make my home Northwest of Cadillac, the Meauwataka area to be exact. Web design, website development, print design and graphic design in general are what I love...

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